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Latest news! Tiger Safari is dedicated to keep you up to date on what is going on at the park. We are growing fast! If you have not been to the park in a few months, come back to see what we have done!

Latest News:
posted on 4/29/2007 cheeta1.jpg Tiger Safari Africain Adventure Finally Here! Tiger Safari staff and park Vets will finally be traveling to South Africa Wednesday, May 2nd. Staff will be working with Cheetahs among the other animals at the Savannah Cheetah Foundation south of Johannesburg. Updates will be made daily of our activities so keep an eye on the changes in the photo gallery.
posted on 3/6/2007 New Small Alligator and Bird Aviary Project! New Small Alligator and Bird Aviary Project Commenceing March 10th! Anyone wishing to contribute to this project can show up at the park at 9:00AM Saturday March 10th or Sunday March 11th. Holes will need to be dug, fence streached, rocks brought in, and much much more. Have a fun day at the park, "Show Up"!
posted on 3/6/2007 jabari.jpg Baby Leopards cage completed! Our baby leopard "jabari" has a new cage! The volunteers have worked very hard to make the short deadline. We wanted the little guy to be in his new cage by Tuesday. Over the last few days the logs have been set, the fence run, the rock brought in, and many tree limbs placed for a purch so our little new addition can rest up high. All that remains is the round rail perimiter fence. Come see him today! www.tigersafariorg.com/igallery/
posted on 3/6/2007 giftshop3.jpg Extreme makeover update! In the last few weeks we have had conciderable amount of progress toward the completion of the building project. Some glass is now installed, thanks to Duncan Glass. Lee's Electric has stepped up and has offered to sponsor the buildings wiring. Also, many volunteers were out last week removing dirt and setting posts for the porch deck. This week we are close to completing the remainder of the porch. Soon the remainder of the glass will be installed and the commencement of the log siding will begin. www.tigersafariorg.com/educationalroom.asp
posted on 1/22/2007 billwithjackhanna_small.jpg Jack Hanna attends Convention! Jack Hanna attended the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association 92nd Annual Convention in Oklahoma City, January 20, 2007. Jack Hanna is known worldwide for his many apperances on the David Letterman show and his nationally cindicated series "Jack Hanna Adventures", with his new series being released this year called "Into the Wild with Jack Hanna". Park Director Bill Meadows talked with Jack Hanna about our upcoming conservation project to South Africa, to the Savannah Cheetah Foundation where Bill and forteen members of the staff along with veterinarians JT Walker, and Patti Maness will be attending in early May.
posted on 1/22/2007 giftshop_small.jpg Construction under way for our Education building! Construction has begun on our new addition to the park, which will include an education room, bathrooms, gift shop, and our Tiger Safari tree house getaway weekend lodge facility. The building will be approximently 3300 square feet when completed. With our education room hopefully being completed before the starting of our 2007 Tiger Safari Summer Camp.
posted on 1/22/2007 jtwalker.jpg JT Walker receives "Youngs Veterinarian of the Year" Award! Tiger Safari would like to recognize JT Walkers dedication to all of our animals. Congratulations once again on your recent award at the Oklahoma Veterinary Medical Association 92nd Annual Convention held January 20, 2007. JT has spent the last two years working with many of the animals, recently spending many hours throughout the night. Bill and Melissa would like to express their sincere gratitude for the many hours spent at the park over the past two weeks.
posted on 11/17/2006 festive3ad2.jpg Tiger Safari's Third Annual Festival of Lights Come out and enjoy the view! Tiger Safari's Third Annual Festival of Lights starts November 24th through December 30th. The Park is open Thursdays through Sundays at 6pm to 10pm. See more pictures is our gallery! Click Here - Photo Gallery
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